1° Knowing yourself better to improve your communication

  • Knowing yourself to improve your communication
  • Relaxing to improve your communication
  • Waking your senses up
  • Daring to be
  • Inspiring the confidence of your interlocutors

2° Dealing with emotions:

  • Knowing how to identify and manage emotions
  • Adapting body language to communication
  • Daring to speak genuinely, feeling free to express yourself

3° Knowing yourself better as a communicator

  • Dealing with stage fright: both experiencing stage fright and how to manage it
  • Being convincing
  • Accepting yourself

4° Listening: awareness

  • Listening to yourself, your environment and your audience

5° Preparing for public speaking

  • Releasing physical tensions in order to be present.
  • Training your voice, your gestures, your look, your breathing and managing-silences.
  • Allowing yourself to express emotions, developing charisma
  • Scenarise your intervention

6° Affirming your interventions

  • Anchoring your presence
  • Relying on the group to ignite and sustain interest
  • Daring to have  pleasure in your interventions
  • Daring to be yourself in a group 

Training is customised to the needs of the individual and takes place over the course of 3 x 8 hour days, i.e. 24 hours in total, including technical exercises and role play.


Le Point Virgule

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For registration and program it’s here : as.coachenscene@gmail.com

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